About A2Pro Soccer

What We Do

With us you learn, change and grow further than you thought possible

We live and breathe football, love developing talent and our drive is to unlock the best in everyone. We put the individual first and actively support all our players through their game.

By providing year round top class football coaching for boys and girls of all ages we expect all players to grow and for those showing greater potential to progress into high levels of the game. Our aim is to bridge the gap between professional academies and local grassroots football.

From the moment a player joins us he/she becomes an important part of the A2Pro family. Every player is equal and is supported, via a personal learning plan and review, during every step of their growth. Creativity, skill and intelligence are encouraged and we like players to show their genius. We like our teams to play with a smile and excite without the fear of making mistakes.

Who We Are

A2Pro was established to help players achieve their dreams in football.

We have a clear pathway for player development that creates a solid foundation for future success in the game. Our structured soccer curriculum is designed to develop players in all areas of the game whilst boosting self-esteem and confidence along the way.

We understand what the local pro academies look for in a player. Once we feel a player has the key attributes to progress we will alert the relevant scouts for evaluation.

Be better Be more

Have you been released from a pro academy and looking for a route back?

Do you need extra top up training?

Do you have the potential and aspire to play at the highest level?

Look no further we will help you to be the best you can be.

Our programme gives our players the same detail and rigour of pro academies and so they need to be committed and disciplined to keep moving forward to achieve their goals. We prepare our players to be ready should the opportunity to transition into a professional club academy arise. Your success is our success and together we will take you further.

More than a game

Creative Possession with Purpose – A Better Way to Play

A2Pro focus on creative possession with purpose (score or threat as often as possible). We encourage a creative and dynamic style of playing based on individual skill, ball possession, creative movement and a solid defensive foundation both individually and as a team. We like to quickly regain possession and control of the game.

Players are given the opportunity to develop all aspects of their game, in order to give them a fully rounded football education. Individual development comes first and we understand that mistakes are a necessary part of learning.

Potential into excellence

Every player training with us is supported through their journey potentially to take a step into the pro game. Our goal is for a minimum of 50% of our top players every year to be offered a place at a pro-club academy. We are realistic about every player and their current and expected level- we know many players will not make it into the pro game however we try to offer every player a pathway to their highest capability.

Our academy is founded on a sound business principle – development of young players and turning young potential into excellence. When a player leaves us we want them to be better equipped for the fulfilment of personal goals whether inside or outside soccer.

We don’t just develop footballers but character. Our focus extends beyond giving the players the opportunity to succeed in soccer. We want our players to succeed in Life.

How do we do this? We monitor progress and move players to the next level as soon as they are ready. We challenge every player to be better and to go further; our role is to lift every player to their highest level. Our training program is specifically developed for young people and brings together expertise in football and essential life skills. We create a level of individualisation that helps each player be their best.

Learn, Change, Grow

Our vision is for every player to ‘Grow with A2Pro’ and for us to become recognised as the ‘Academy of Choice’ for pro clubs and young aspiring players within our local area and beyond.

 To develop players to a high level of technical ability

 To enable young football players to fulfil their potential

 To give players an experience comparable to being a signed player at a professional club

 To open player pathways and bridge the gap between grassroots football and elite football at professional clubs

We believe you can step up to your best

We pursue excellence, love what we do and do it our way. A2Pro is more than a Soccer Academy it’s also about teaching life skills for the future and we constantly challenge each individual to be better.

We want our players to play with freedom and without fear whilst making intelligent decisions that impact the game. We want players to cultivate a lifelong passion for the game and also for self-improvement. We believe players are capable of more than they are showing.

We embody the core values of integrity, leadership, perseverance and teamwork and expect players to demonstrate:

 Maximum effort & respect- be the best you can be whilst showing humility & respect to all.

 Consistent good behaviour and actions.

 A friendly, enthusiastic and receptive demeanour.

 Camaraderie- supporting each other.

 Confidence- self-belief, self-control and poise.

 Spirit & co-operation. Play fair, be a sportsman.

 Commitment- perseverance and self-discipline to constantly improve.

 Excellence and dedication to be better.

 Identity – be yourself 

Plan for Success

Our syllabus focuses on the following areas of learning and Long Term Player Development:

 Technical (skill)

 Tactical (strategy)

 Psychological (mental)

 Social (teamwork)

 Physical (fitness)

 Self- improvement (confidence, self-esteem & accountability)

We pay more attention to potential than current performance; we recognise what you are capable of and we will keep challenging you to reach your best. Players must give 100% in training and be dedicated to improvement. This is a partnership for growth.

What Matters Most is Joy

Our sessions are challenging and fun. Players must have fun even at the highest levels – that’s why we play and love the game.

We are here to grow and learning happens in an engaging and fun environment.

A2Pro Talent ID

From where you are to where you want to be
Identifying Talent, Providing Pathways

We look for talent and potential and strive to take our players as far as they can go. Every player is unique and has a different pathway and we recognise that we have to be patient over the long term. We look for players to enter anywhere within our programme (Future Pros, Elite Pros or Star Pros) and every accepted player will backed by our full support. We want to make a difference to all our players whatever their football journey might be.

We particularly look for players between the age of 7 to 17 that have the talent and desire to reach the top and we offer them an environment to help them achieve their goals.

You can book a trial session with us for your appropriate age group where our coaches assess technical ability, decision making, social skills, physical attributes and game understanding.

Anyone accepted from the trial will be placed within our programme at the appropriate level. Players and parents then have the opportunity to experience the quality of our coaching before signing up.

Work for Us

Together we are Strong

We are always looking to employ enthusiastic, qualified coaches/trainers with a love of the game. Coaches are easy to find – role models and engaging coaches are not.

Our requirements are:

 A love & passion for helping children

 A huge personality

 Experience in coaching and working with children

 UEFA B or above. Level 2 Coaches will also be considered for some roles.

 Playing experience desirable.

 Driving license and own transportation

 A leader and role model

 Committed to working to a non-traditional work schedule (evenings and weekends)

To be considered, please get in touch.